BLT Enterprises is a privately owned, Southern California-based company that has specialized for over 20 years in the development and operation of MRFs and transfer stations, as well as the processing and marketing of recyclable materials. Led by the company’s principals, Bernard Huberman and Daniel Rosenthal, and Vice-President, Shawn Guttersen, BLT has been engaged in the solid waste industry for more than 25 years.

The BLT Team is comprised of solid waste professionals with direct and relevant experience in the recycling and municipal solid waste transfer industry. The BLT Team has nearly 100 years of combined, hands-on experience including:
  • Solid Waste Management Planning
  • Facility Design, Siting, Development, and Construction
  • Land Use Permitting
  • Facility Operations
  • Material Recovery and Diversion
  • Waste Transfer, Transportation and Disposal Services
  • Material Procurement/Material Marketing

These BLT facilities serve the surrounding communities as complete Recycling and Transfer Stations:

  • Central LA (4,025 TPD)
  • Del Norte Regional (2,779 TPD)
  • East Los Angeles (350 TPD)
  • Sacramento (2,500 TPD) - website »
  • Fremont (1,500 TPD) - website »